Marie-Noëlle Robert

Chiselled papers

Using differents techniques : chiselled papers, miniatures and photographs,
Marie-Noëlle ROBERT creates a graphic art work, based on architecture and ornementation, inspired by medieval and persian arts.

Chiselled papers


Inspired by « moucharabieh » (opening ornamented by perforated, filtering-lights pannels) and from patterns of turkish, persian and arabo-andalusian inspiration, Marie-Noëlle Robert works Complicated architectures which recall of visiting places from Andalousian to Ouzbékistan.

Chiselled papers

Frames - Displays

Chiselled papers

Creative work in progress

The composition being achived, she works by hollowing out, sculptering the subtle interlaced design. The materiality of the structure fades away, the detailed drawing comes out, the gilt-edged arabesques enclose the empty spaces.
Sreens, stainedglass windows or pictures, the chiselled papers make your sight venture beyond the escaping line.



An iranien master, Abbas Moayeri, introduced Marie-Noëlle Robert to persian miniature.
Royal art illustrating poetical and epic narrations, Marie-Noëlle Robert integrates architectural structures, she took pictures of during her travels.


Love from afar

« The espace-setting of persian miniatures evokes me theater, opera stagings, tales of mythical couples from persian litterature, Leila and Madjun, Khosrow and Shirine…) remind of those of Tristan and Yseult, Roméo and Juliette… »

Marie-Noëlle Robert achieved a twelve miniatures cycle upon « Love from afar », libretto of Amin Maalouf.
It was produced in 2001 at Châtelet Theater in a Peter Sellars setting, whose photographs she tooks for the theater.


The different steps of creating a miniature



The east and the west have both celebrated the rose flower as a love of symbol.

« Take away a garden rose, it will last a few days.
Take away a petal from my roses garden, it will last for ever
Saadî – Persian poet of the thirteenth century

Marie-Noëlle Robert proposed at Notre-Dame de Paris three painting miniatures inspired by the 3 great rose-windows of the cathedral.


Chiselled papers - Persian Miniatures

After studying graphics arts and interior design at the Penninghen School, MNR went into opera and theater photography and became in 1987 the Paris Châtelet Theater official photographer. She also collaborated with the « Maison des Cultures du Monde » and, for ever ten years, covered its Imaginary Festival which gathers masters of traditional music from all over the world.
Pursuant a trip to Andalucia, she undertooks a serie of photo reportages on architecture and geometry in islamic art which led her to Syria and Uzbékistan. Taking her inspiration from these architectural and ornemental treasures, she has developed over the last ten years a ciselled paper technique.
More recently, she went deeper into her appropriation of the Middle East traditional arts by studying the persian miniature with the master, Abbas Moayeri.


Chiselled papers - Persian Miniatures

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